What are the methods to extend the use time of non-ferrous metal sorter?

What are the methods to extend the use time of non-ferrous metal sorter?

What are the methods to extend the use time of non-ferrous metal sorter?

(Summary description)Non-ferrousmetalsortingmachineisasortingtechnologythatusesdifferentmaterialconductivity.Thesortingprincipleistouseamagnetrotorcomposedofmagnets.Therotorwillgenerateamagneticfieldwithreplacementchangesduringhighspeedrotation.Whenametalwithelectricalconductivitypassesthroughamagneticfield,eddycurrentsareinducedinthemetal.Thiseddycurrentitselfwillgenerateandreplacetheconvertedmagneticfieldandisoppositetothemagneticfieldthatoccurswhenthemagnetrotorrolls.Non-ferrousmetals(copper,aluminum,zinc,tin)willjumpoutinthedirectionoftransportduetorepulsion.Non-metallicmaterials,suchasplastic,respectively,arriveatthepurposeofsorting.Whatarethemethodstoextendtheusetimeofnon-ferrousmetalsorter? 1.Duringtheoperation,itisnecessarytoparticipateinthecrushedmaterialevenly,anditmustbespreadovertheentirelengthoftherotoroperatingparttopreventtheloadofthemotorfrombeingadded,andthenextendtheservicelifeoftheequipment. 2.Thenitisnecessarytochecktheconditionofthesieveregularly.Ifitisblocked,itshouldberemovedimmediately. 3.Undernormaloperatingconditions,thetemperatureriseofnon-ferrousmetalsortingmachineshouldbewithin35℃,andthehighesttemperatureshouldnotexceed70℃.Ifthetemperatureexceeds70℃,thevehicleshallbeparkedimmediatelyandthecauseshallbeidentifiedandeliminated. 4.Beforethenon-ferrousmetalsortingmachineisparked,thefeedingoperationshouldbesuspended.Afterthematerialsinthecrushingroomarecrushed,themotorcanbeturnedoff. 5.Abrasivewearandfatigueweararemoreserioustypesofwearconditions,soitisparticularlyimportantforthemaintenanceofnon-ferrousmetalsortingequipment.Itcanbestartedfromthefollowingtwoaspects:First,thedevicemustbeaddedattheshaftdiameter.Placetwosleevesontheshafttokeeptheshaftdiameterontheshaft.Thesecondisthatthewearlayercanbedepositedonthecircumferentialsurfaceofthesideplateorthesideclosetothesideplate.

Non-ferrous metal sorting machine is a sorting technology that uses different material conductivity. The sorting principle is to use a magnet rotor composed of magnets. The rotor will generate a magnetic field with replacement changes during high speed rotation. When a metal with electrical conductivity passes through a magnetic field, eddy currents are induced in the metal. This eddy current itself will generate and replace the converted magnetic field and is opposite to the magnetic field that occurs when the magnet rotor rolls. Non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin) will jump out in the direction of transport due to repulsion. Non-metallic materials, such as plastic, respectively, arrive at the purpose of sorting. What are the methods to extend the use time of non-ferrous metal sorter?
1. During the operation, it is necessary to participate in the crushed material evenly, and it must be spread over the entire length of the rotor operating part to prevent the load of the motor from being added, and then extend the service life of the equipment.
2. Then it is necessary to check the condition of the sieve regularly. If it is blocked, it should be removed immediately.
3. Under normal operating conditions, the temperature rise of non-ferrous metal sorting machine should be within 35 ℃, and the highest temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. If the temperature exceeds 70 ℃, the vehicle shall be parked immediately and the cause shall be identified and eliminated.
4. Before the non-ferrous metal sorting machine is parked, the feeding operation should be suspended. After the materials in the crushing room are crushed, the motor can be turned off.
5. Abrasive wear and fatigue wear are more serious types of wear conditions, so it is particularly important for the maintenance of non-ferrous metal sorting equipment. It can be started from the following two aspects: First, the device must be added at the shaft diameter. Place two sleeves on the shaft to keep the shaft diameter on the shaft. The second is that the wear layer can be deposited on the circumferential surface of the side plate or the side close to the side plate.

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