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Liaoyang Xiwang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of equipment for scrap steel crushing production line, slag crushing production line, non-ferrous metal sorting production line, grinding, magnetic separation, iron removal, transportation, classification and other equipment in Northeast China.
Our factory is located in the ancient city of Liaoyang in the middle of Liaoning Province, where Shenda and Ben-Liao expressways meet. Modern high-speed rail trains stop in Liaoyang and have convenient transportation. There is machining in the production workshop of our factory. It has complete processing methods such as riveting, assembly, etc. It has various metal processing equipment to meet the production and development needs of enterprises.
Our factory continuously carries out technical innovation and personnel training, and strives to provide customers with quality products and services. The scale of production has gradually expanded. In recent years, the market share of products has continued to increase, and it has become a major manufacturer of the above-mentioned equipment in Northeast China. Product quality and service have reached customer satisfaction, and have been well received by society and customers.
I always adhere to the market-oriented, quality-based, service-oriented.
Xiwang Machinery relies on science and technology to develop an enterprise, and takes honesty, innovation, customer first as its business philosophy, and strives to create superior products. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and cooperate.

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Liaoyang Xiwang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Contact: Manager Yang
0419-7174844 Fax: 0419-7174844
Mobile phone:
Website: www.lyxwjx.cn
Address: East District, Xinglong Industrial Park, Liaoyang County, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province


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